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Posted on February 24th, 2015



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The market is showing some signs of possible change following the tentative agreement at the west coast ports.  The higher quality varieties and grades seem a bit weaker under the pressure of some very aggressive sellers from California.  The lower grades and smaller sizes are more stable.  All of this is behind modest-to-moderate activity in the market.  Buyers remain very cautious in their purchasing, anticipating better supplies as goods start to make their way to destinations from the backed-up West Coast ports.  We will publish prices once again, when the market has an opportunity to adjust.

Hilltop Ranch’s Field and Sales Departments just completed a cooperative trip to the Middle East and India.  One of the main goals of this trip was to make a more formal introduction of the Independence Variety to key buyers in those markets.  Though the Independence Variety has been marketed for a few years, many buyers were not familiar with it and its characteristics.  The reviews of the variety were mixed. Some thought it was comparable to Nonpareil, while others saw it more comparable to Carmel Variety.  The high yielding inshell form makes the Independence attractive to the Indian market.  Hilltop Ranch will continue to work with the world’s markets to obtain the best prices possible for your almonds.  Hilltop Ranch, Inc. will also maintain its history of competitive returns for each and every variety.

Please be aware of the Almond Board sustainability program.  Hilltop Ranch, Inc., the industry’s leader in innovation and sustainability, endorses this program. Opportunities to attend workshops are coming soon.  Please see below for more information.

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