Almond Hullers and Processors Association

The Almond Hullers & Processors Association (AHPA) is a business association for almond hullers, shellers and processors, organized to promote the business interests of its members.

Hullers & Processors Association members agree to abide by a self-imposed code of ethics, the principles of which include:

1. To perform my service as a huller/sheller/processor for almond growers in such a way that the product they deliver to me is handled in a fair, effective, efficient and honest manner; 
  2. To assist the AHPA to initiate, sponsor, promote, and carry out plans, policies, programs, and activities including legislative advocacy that will assist its members to improve the qualities of almonds and almond products and the hulling/shelling/processing of almonds and to develop higher degrees of efficiency in the production, handling and processing of almonds; 
  3. To distribute almond hulls of the highest quality possible; 
  4. To accurately describe these hulls in accordance with California regulation as to fiber, ash, moisture, protein, and fat; 
  5. To accurately describe these hulls with respect to other factors which affect quality; 
  6. To deliver hulls which have not been altered by the addition of shell or dirt; 
  7. To strongly promote proper field storage, hulling/shelling and processing practices providing for distribution of product free of foreign materials.


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