• Wide range of uses
  • Easily blanched (skin is removed)
  • The thin outer shell and smooth kernel allow for easy, blemish-free processing
  • Used for attractive appearance or a strong almond identification


  • Soft shell with good integrity
  • Fair suture opening
  • Medium, narrow shape, that is slightly wrinkled surface

california type

  • Generally blanchable and used primarily in manufactured products
  • Wide range of shell hardness, kernel shapes, skin color, and surface characteristics
  • Adaptable and well suited for nearly any process or application


  • Rich flavor, and small kernels are wide, and often plump
  • Generally darker skin than Nonpareil and wrinkled, which enhances salt and flavor adherence
  • Blanching is not as common but optional

California produces 70% of the world’s almonds, and Hilltop Ranch, Inc. is one of it’s fastest growing almond processors – numbered among a very few dynamic handlers who together ship 75% of the California almond crop.